Frequently Asked Questions

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General Questions

+/- F.S. +/- 1 LSD is an expression that signifies the accuracy of a given device. F.S. stands for full scale, while LSD means least significant digit.
For example, take a DS2-11 gauge:
The full scale reading of a DS2-11 gauge is 11.00 lbf. 0.2% of full scale is 0.002*11.00 lbf or 0.022 lbf. 0.022 lbf plus 1 LSD (0.01) is 0.032 lbf. Because the gauge does not display thousandths, we report an accuracy of +/- 0.03 lbf across the entire range of measurements.
We are an ISO-17025 accredited company. ISO-17025 specifically prohibits us from recommending a calibration cycle to our customers. Calibration cycles must be determined by each user based on each user's testing conditions and requirements. For your information, not our recommendation, many of our customers calibrate their testers/gauges once a year
A flashing display when you turn on the force gauge indicates that the load cell has been overloaded and damaged. You need to send your force gauge to us for a repair by going to and following the directions outlined on the page.

Repair Questions

It is our policy to send a repair estimate within 2 business days of receiving the unit. Once we receive approval for work to be done, we will ship the unit back within 2 business days. Expedited service is available for an additional charge.
We cannot give you a quote for repair before we have received and inspected your item(s). This is because a full evaluation is required for us to identify what, if anything, needs to be repaired/replaced.
Obtain a RMA/RGA number, by going to and fill out the form. When you submit the completed form, you will receive a RGA number automatically via email, with instructions on how and where to ship your item for repair/calibration.
You can put the evaluation fee of the unit ($45 for gauges and $170 for test stands). This fee is waived if you choose to repair/calibrate your unit.