IMADA, inc is dedicated to providing accurate measuring devices for every need. Some of the many high-quality instruments we manufacture are durometers. Durometers are important to the manufacturing sector due to their functionality in measuring the hardness of certain materials. Durometers indicate the hardness of a material such as normal and hard rubber, soft and hard plastics by measuring the resistance to indentation of these polymers, elastomers, and rubbers.

Manufacturers require consistency and accuracy in their quality control instruments, which are qualities our durometers provide. Some examples of products that durometers are used during manufacturing are inline skates, truck tires, shoe inserts, and o-rings. These items all require accuracy and consistency in manufacturing. The term “durometer” is also used to indicate the rating of the material on the scale. The higher the number, the harder (or ability to resist indentation), the material is. For example, inline skates are sold and categorized using their durometer rating. Hockey skate wheels have a lower durometer rating, around 72-74A for more grip to allow for quick changes in direction, versus recreational skates that are closer to 82-84A for quicker speeds.

Durometers, commonly called “Shore durometers” are named after the man who developed the method of measurement and first instrument. Durometers come in a variety of types. There are different scales of durometers that use different measuring systems. These are ASTM D2240 A and D. (Also known as Shore A and Shore D). Another commonly used scales are Asker C, which is used by shoe manufacturers.

Depending on the application, there are different types of scales that can be used. These include handheld durometers, a constant load stand, and an auto-loading durometer.


Durometer application
A durometer is a device used to measure the hardness of a wide variety of materials, from soft rubbers and polymers to hard plastics. Hardness measurements are used for quality control or comparison purposes. Durometers with varying levels of sophistication and accuracy may be used depending upon the application.
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