Asker hand held durometers measure hardness from sponge to hard rubber and plastics, covering the range of Shore D, Shore A, Asker C and Asker F hardness scales.

They are easy-to-use, portable and very accurate with a high degree of repeatability. Measurements are non-destructive. Asker durometers offer optional peak indicators to more closely monitor the difference between the peak reading and the tendency of the measurement to “creep” back as time elapses.

Durometer test stands offer greater accuracy by ensuring constant speed, weight and angle, which tend to vary in hand held hardness testing.


Durometer application
A durometer is a device used to measure the hardness of a wide variety of materials, from soft rubbers and polymers to hard plastics. Hardness measurements are used for quality control or comparison purposes. Durometers with varying levels of sophistication and accuracy may be used depending upon the application.
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