Cedar Torque Testers

Imada is the exclusive distributor of Cedar torque testers including digital screwdrivers, digital wrenches, manual torque wrench calibrators, power tool calibrators, rotational friction testers and breakaway torque testers.

  • Calibration certificate traceable to NIST included with all new torque testers
  • Calibration and repair work at our Chicago area, ISO-17025 Accredited calibration lab
  • Orders from our stock usually ship within 24 hours

Cedar digital torque screwdrivers and Cedar digital torque wrenches provide high accuracy measurements during application and/or removal of screws and similar fasteners. Cedar manual torque wrench testers check calibration on click and dial type torque wrenches. Cedar power tool calibrators check torque settings on pneumatic and electric power tools. Torque testers specifically for testing impact guns display blows as well as torque readings. Cedar rotational friction tester and cedar breakaway torque testers are for more specialized applications