Wireless Torque Wrenches

RGED Series wireless digital torque wrenches transmit peak data to a PC or iPhone®. RGED Series torque wrenches come in many different ranges up to 4955 lbf-in.

Wireless Torque Wrench for iPhone®

  • iPhone® models transmit peak data directly to an iPhone® or iOS® device.
  • Bluetooth communication
  • Connect up to 3 wrenches to a single iPhone.
  • 20 foot range
    Wireless Digital Ratchet and Adjustable Wrenches

  • Transmit directly to a PC running the KTC Torque Management software.
  • Zigbee communication, receiver required
  • Connect up to 10 wrenches to a single wireless receiver.
  • Up to 130 foot range
  • Available in ratchet and adjustable models