90 Degree Peel Tester

Measure 90° Peel Adhesion Force

  1. Motorized Test Stand
  2. Moves the force gauge at a constant test speed

  3. Digital Force Gauge
  4. Displays force applied

  5. Top Grip
  6. FC-20 or FC-40 Film Grip – Recommended for most samples

  7. Peel Fixture
  8. P90-200N 90° Peel Table – Maintains 90 degree peel position

The 90 degree peel tester performs quick and efficient peel tests. The 90 degree peel test system is comprised of the 90° peel table, film grip, motorized test stand and digital force gauge.

The slide bearing table moves as the sample peels to maintain a constant 90° angle. The removable sample plate on the table slides out to easily replace test samples. The film grip attaches to the force gauge and peels the loose end of the sample.

Motorized test stands provide the smooth, consistent test speed essential for peel testing. Digital force gauges feature large easy to read displays with an intuitive menu interface. All digital force gauges include a RS232 and USB port for optional data output. Optional software stores peak peel force values, or can create a profile curve. ZTA digital force gauges with USB output continuously output at 2,000 data per second.

Conforms to ASTM D6862 requirements. Optional weighted peel test roller applies consistent pressure when preparing test samples.

With the 90 degree peel tester, test peel force for Velcro, tapes, laminates, and a wide variety of other materials. Test systems can also be configured to accommodate other peel applications as well (T-Peel, 180 degree, etc). Contact our sales engineers for more information or for guidance with a custom application.