ASKER XP-C Durometer / Hardness Tester

Model XP-C for Soft Rubber, Sponge & Textile Windings

  • High performance and accuracy
  • Calibration cert traceable to NIST included
  • Optional ISO-17025 calibration available

The Asker Model XP-C Durometer is a precision instrument for measuring the hardness of various types of rubbers and plastics. Durable metal cases are rugged enough for a production environment. X handheld durometers are easy to use. The easy operation allows for rapid testing with repeatable results. The Asker High Performance XP-C series has an accuracy of ±.75 points.


As the XP-C durometer is pressed against the sample, the material resistance force and indentor spring load balance. The depth of the indentor is measured, which provides a measure of the material’s hardness. Values are based upon a 100 point scale (accuracy ±.75 point). However, as time elapses the indicator will “creep” back so that a reading taken a few seconds after the indentor makes contact with the sample will be less than the peak reading. Asker XP-C durometers include a peak indicator which retains the peak reading for a test.

What’s Included with the Durometer?

XP-C durometers are sold as kits. All new durometer purchases include: durometer, hard plastic carrying case and 3-Point Calibration certificate traceable to NIST. An ISO-17025 accredited calibration is available for an additional charge.

X Series Common Scales
Standard Model‘L’ ModelApplicationStandard
XP-CX-C1LSoft rubber, sponge, textile windingsJIS K 7312/Asker C

X Durometer Selection

ScaleShore AAsker CShore DAsker F
IndentorFlat pointHemisphericalCone pointRectangular
MaterialNormal rubberSoft rubberHard rubber & plasticUrethane foam
& non-woven fabric
StandardASTM D-2240 JIS K-7312 ASTM D-2240 Asker F
Measuring Force1 kgf1 kgf5 kgfWeight of the durometer

X Durometer Dimensions