DIS-TW20 Digital Torque Wrench

Light Weight Digital Torque Tester/Wrench
OLD MODEL see DIW Digital Torque Wrench

Digital Torque Tester is ergonomically designed, extremely lightweight yet good for use as a production tool. It tightens or loosens bolts up to 174 lbf-in. and can be used in difficult to reach places. Torque controlled wrenches can also be evaluated by comparative tests on a given fastener. Both breakaway and loosen tests can be performed.
This tester has an accuracy of ±0.5%, ± 1 LSD. It offers a programmable setpoint for uniform tightening or Go/No Go testing and also provides peak and continuous data for SPC ( statistical process control) via the USB port.
DIS-TW20 substantially reduces scrap and rework costs by eliminating over and under-tightening. It is ideal for use in a wide variety of applications including the manufacture of electronic, appliance and aerospace assemblies. Sold in kit form including display unit, wrench with cable, stepless one-way clutch, AC adapter/charger and carrying case.

DIS-TW20 Digital Torque Wrench Ranges

Accuracy ± 0.5% F.S., ±1 LSD
ModelCapacityDrive Size
  • Programmable High/Low setpoints with audible beep for uniform torque tightening or GO/NO GO testing
  • Peak, Real Time, Peak Down and Continuous Output measuring modes (selectable)
  • Selectable units lbf-in, Kgf-cm, N-cm and N-m
  • USB data output (virtual RS232 serial output, peak data only)
  • Statistics: number of data, Max, Min, Avg
  • 800 peak data memory for recall or for SPC download
  • Accuracy: ±0.5% F.S. ±1 LSD ( 32° to 100°F)
  • Both clockwise and counterclockwise operation
  • Ergonomic, light weight, rugged metal construction
  • Zero reset button on the driver for easy operation
  • Runs on internal NiCad batteries (8 hour use)
  • DIS-TW20 is sold as a kit including carrying case, stepless one-way clutch and AC adapter/charger