DPZS-LM Digital Force Gauge

OLD MODEL see ZT-LM Series

The DPZS-LM series are high performance digital force gauges that feature separate sensors that are ideal for measurements in confined spaces or in difficult to reach locations. DPZS-LM button sensors are less than 1.5″ in diameter and measure the same ranges as DPZS-DPU sensors, but only for compression. A standard six foot cable connects the gauge to the sensor. The DPZS-LM Digital Force Gauge offers the same features as the DPZ series.

DPZS-LM Ranges (Resolution)

Accuracy: ±0.5% F.S. ±1 LSD
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ModelCapacity (Resolution)
DPZS-LM-44.400 (0.001 lbf)2.000 (0.001 kgf)20.00 (0.01 N)
DPZS-LM-1111.00 (0.01 lbf)5.000 (0.001 kgf)50.00 (0.01 N)
DPZS-LM-4444.00 (0.01 lbf)20.00 (0.01 kgf)200.0 (0.1 N)
DPZS-LM-110110.0 (0.1 lbf)50.00 (0.01 kgf)500.0 (0.1 N)
DPZS-LM-220220.0 (0.1 lbf)100.0 (0.1kgf)1000 (1N)
DPZS-LM-440440.0 (0.1 lbf)200.0 (0.1kgf)2000 (1N)
DPZS-LM-11001100 (1 lbf)500.0 (0.1kgf)5000 (1N)
DPZS-LM-22002200 (1 lbf)1000 (1kgf)10.00 (0.01KN)
DPZS-LM-44004400 (1 lbf)2000 (1kgf)20.00 (0.01KN)