ESL-10 LED Stroboscope

OLD MODEL see ESL-200A Series

The ESL-10 series LED stroboscope is designed to measure the speed of rotating or cycling linear motion objects without contact or reflective tape, as well as freeze motion visually. Built with a durable metal housing and the latest technology, it is powered by standard AA batteries for convenient use anywhere on the factory floor. The ESL-10 is ideal for speed, motion and vibration analysis, such as rotating shafts, fans, cams, etc. It is the smallest and lightest product of this type in the world!

ESL-10 Specifications

Range/Resolution6.0 to 9999.9 fpm/rpm ±0.1 fpm/rpm
10000 to 120000 fpm/rpm, ±1 fpm/rpm
(over 100,000 display flashes)
Accuracy:±0.007%, ±1 LSD
Display12mm, 5 digit LCD
Power6 AA batteries
Battery Life:10 hours (continuous use)
Operating Temp.0 – 45°C
Weight400g (with batteries)

ESL-20 Standard Features

  • High efficiency LED solid-state light source – never needs replacement like traditional xenon lamps.
  • Extended battery life of 10 hours continuous use at 6,000 fpm/rpm
  • Pulse Width Modulation for sharp images at high speed
  • Highly stable drift free operation
  • Auto wide measuring range – up to 120,000 fpm/rpm
  • Push button operation with x2 and ÷2 buttons for easy and precise adjustment
  • 359° Digital phase shift adjustment by 1° increments
  • Store up to 19 flash rates in memory for records or quick retests (Restarts at the last flash rate)
  • Rugged aluminum housing – compact size – weighs only 1.2 lb (540 g)
  • Easy-to-read 5 digit 0.47″ (12 mm) high LCD
  • External trigger input and output
  • Tripod mountable
  • Kit includes stroboscope, AC Adapter/charger, and carrying case