FRTS Food Texture Analyzer/Tester

FRTS Capacity: 1 lbf, 11 lbf, 22 lbf

FRTS performs a variety of food tests

  1. Compress to preset displacement
  2. Compress to preset force value
  3. Compress to preset thickness
  4. Two bite test

Standard Features

  • Touch screen operation programs force, displacement, speed and triggers
  • Speed: 0.1mm – 10.0mm/sec
  • USB output to flash drives or computer
  • Easy to clean stainless steel
  • USB cable, 50mm and 100mm shafts, disk, conical, sphere and wedge probes, and Force Recorder software included

The FRTS food texture analyzer/tester features touch screen programming and automatically tests food and non-food samples. Select from a list of foods or food standards. Use programmable mode to customize force, speed and displacement parameters and save as favorite or operate in manual mode.

The FRTS can compress to a preset displacement, compress to a preset force value, compress to a preset thickness or perform a two bite test. Up to six custom test configurations can be saved to the favorites. A variety of probes and Force Recorder data analysis software (ZT-RP) are included.

Force Data Analysis Tools

Test data can be saved to USB flash drives or output to a computer for analysis by Force Recorder (ZT-RP). Force Recorder captures 1,000 data/second, plots a force vs. time graph and calculates hardness, viscosity, cohesiveness, adhesiveness, springiness, gumminess, fracturability and chewiness.

FRTS Specifications

AccuracyForce: ±0.2%F.S, ±1digit; Displacement: 0.1mm, ±1digit
Units (selectable)Force: N / kgf (g) / lbf (ozf) Displacement: mm / inch
IndicationForce 4-digit; Displacement 0.001mm (minimum resolution)
Sample height70mm (*1)
Table travel distanceMax.100mm
Speed0.1 to 10.0mm/sec
FunctionsFood/Standard(*2), Programmable mode, Manual mode,
Save 6 favorite measuring conditions ,
Start-trigger function, Overload prevention (*3)
Output USBUSB flash drive
Operating environmentTemperature: 0° – 40° Celsius, Humidity: 20 – 80 %RH
WeightBody: 7.7kg; Controller: 0.8kg
Dimensions185 x 300 x 400 mm (body)
VoltageAC100V; 5 20mm glass time-lag fuse (125V 3A)
*1 Maximum distance from the table surface to where an attachment is mounte
*2 A PC is required to comply with some standards
*3 Overload is not preventable in all cases

FRTS Food Texture Tester/Analyzer Dimensions