Insertion Tester

Measures Insertion and Extraction Force (110 lbf capacity)

Standard Features

  • Automatically senses completion of insertion and reverses direction to extract. Measures both insertion and extraction force.
  • Adjustable insertion force drop detection sensitivity
  • Selectable lbf, kgf, and N Units (ozf, gf measured in low capacity models)
  • Color-coded LED indicators and output signal for Go/No Go testing
  • 30,000/sec ultra-high sampling rate; processes/transmits 2,000 data/sec
  • 1,000 Data memory
  • USB (virtual COM port), RS-232C, Digimatic and analog outputs
  • Conditional Overload Prevention
  • Stroke: 9″ (230mm)

Insertion testers incorporate an EL electro luminescent display that is highly visible in the dark and bright sunlight. The display shows the insertion and extraction forces in the selected unit.
Easy-to-use menus simplify configuring display data and setting high/low setpoints.
LED indicators alert the user to Go/NoGo conditions. Orange lights for less than low setpoint, green lights between high and low, and red for over the high setpoint.
The tester features unique jog movement control for setup and precise increment testing. In jog mode, each click of the program dial moves the cross head approx. 0.01mm (standard speed, under no load).
Use the USB adapter to export peak data from tester memory or capture continuous data at 100 data/second to flash drives.
Optional Force Recorder data acquisition software captures force vs. time data in a running log and plots the result to a force profile graph.