Lever-Operated Tension Tester

Measure applied tension force

  1. Lever Operated Test Stand
  2. Fixture to apply even force to the test sample

  3. Force Gauge
  4. Displays force applied

  5. Tension Attachments
  6. Many types of compression attachments available to mount to the gauge

  7. Holding Fixtures
  8. Hold and position samples for tension testing

Applications: Wire Pull Testing, Tension Spring Testing, and more.

The digital lever operated tension tester offers the rapid action of a lever test stand. The lever operated tension tester can be equipped with a digital distance meter. The lever action allows for quick repeatable tension force testing. Imada force gauges and test stands are available in a wide range of capacities from a few ounces up to 220 lbf. Any stand utilizing a digital force gauge can also be connected to a PC for data output. Consult our engineers for custom applications.