LH-110 Horizontal Wire Pull Tester

Horizontal Straight Pull Crimp Tester

  • Straight-pull without bending or winding the test wire
  • Lever action allows for rapid testing
  • Horizontal positioning is easy to control
  • Stroke 3.34″ (85mm)
  • lbf, kgf, and Newton units are selectable
  • RS-232C, Digimatic and analog outputs
  • Runs on internal rechargeable batteries or AC adapter
  • NIST Calibration Certificate included (ISO 17025 Certificate optional)

The LH horizontal, straight-pull, wire terminal testers are designed specifically to test the pull-off force of wire terminal connectors and includes gripping attachments.

The display module has selectable units, peak or real time modes, and operates with either the internal battery or included AC adapter.

The terminal grip opens to 5mm and allows wire terminals to be held with minimum damage to the wire jacket and holds the connector after pull-off. The wire grip has serrated jaws for a firm hold on the wire. Optional wire terminal grips are available.

The lever provides rapid action and a straight-pull on the wire and wire terminal. The tester is unaffected by gravity and does not employ a return spring, making it perfect for wire terminal crimp testing.