MH-220AC-S-TL Optical Fiber Pull Tester

Optical Fiber Pull Tester

The IMADA Optical Fiber Pull Tester is specially designed to perform pull tests on delicate optical fibers in the manufacturing environment that requires ruggedness and simple operation.

The unit has four preset force values (High Reject, High, Low and Low Reject), to the 2nd decimal value, set by four thumb wheel switches.

The pull tester will test the optical fiber within the allowable preset force range between High and Low (i.e. between 1.05 kgf and 0.95 kgf) and maintain the force value for the preset duration (i.e. 5 sec) for the preset number of repetitions (i.e. 3 times) and stop, ready for the next test.

Designed to shut off automatically in case of excessive or inadequate pull.

Optical Fiber Pull Tester Specifications
Pull ForceUp to 20 kgf (other ranges available)
Pull Force Unitskgf, lbf and N (push button selectable)
Resolution0.01 kgf (for 20 kgf capacity)
Force Holding Accuracywithin ± 5% of set value
Overload Capacity200% F.S.
Measure ModeReal time and Peak modes (selectable)
Stroke150 mm
SpeedDual Speed: 10 mm/min to 100 mm/min adjustable with final force control speed of 15 mm/min
Preset Capabilitya) Force Value: High Reject, High, Low and Low Reject set points kg/ increments of 0.01 kgf (by four thumb wheel switches)
b) Force Holding Duration: Up to 99.99 sec
c) Rest Time Duration: 2 sec (fixed)
d) Repetition Counter: Up to 9999 with display

MH-220AC-S-TL Optical Fiber Pull Tester Dimensions