MH-750 Motorized Test Stand

MH-750 (750 lbf capacity)

Standard Features

  • Stroke: 11.6″ (295mm)
  • Speed: 0.3~9.4″/min (8~240mm/min)
  • Screw feeder for smooth, positive movement
  • Heavy-duty metal construction
  • Easy to operate
  • No programming required
  • Test speed mode: fixed (presettable) or adjustable
    Return speed: fixed max. or adjustable
  • Optional digital speed indicator
  • Optional digital distance meter available

MH-750 Motorized Force Measurement Test Stands offer basic force testing capabilities such as adjustable test speed control, force control, quick return and emergency stop functionality. MH-750 motorized test stands can be used for both tension and compression testing of high force applications. The high performance brushless motor provides extremely smooth operation. Many speed configurations are available to fit any force testing application, see the speed configuration tab for more details.

Manual Mode:

While the Direction switch is held left, the crosshead moves left. Holding the switch down right the cross head right. When the switch is released the head stops. This mode is ideal for positioning.

Cycle Modes:

Auto cycle models have top and bottom travel limits that can be adjusted for a precise range of movement. Speed Adjust, Quick Return and Emergency Stop features are also included. These stands have three function modes.

Single Cycle Mode:

When the Direction switch is pushed up, the cross head moves up at the desired speed, and when it reaches the top travel limit, it automatically goes back and stops at the bottom travel limit, completing one cycle. Pushing the switch down runs the cycle in reverse.

Auto Cycle Mode:

This mode is similar to Single Cycle mode, except that the cross head travels up and down repeating the cycle until either the Power or Emergency switches is turned off. This mode is ideal for applications such as cycle testing.

The MH-750 accepts any high capacity Imada force gauge. The digital distance meter has PC output capabilities, for more information click here.

AP-002 Adapter Plate is available to mount most other force gauges to IMADA test stands.

Speed Configurations
Standard Speed0.4~9.4"/min

Standard Distance Meter Specifications

DisplayPush button for inch/mm, zero set and on/off
Resolution0.0005"/0.01 mm
Accuracy0.1% of reading or 0.005"/0.1 mm whichever is greater

MH-750 Motorized Test Stand Dimensions