Motorized Chip Tester


MX2-110-CHIP – Standard Speed System ( 3-90 mm/min )
EMX-110-CHIP –  Ultra Low Speed System ( 0.5-600 mm/min )

Standard Features

  • Complete with XY Table holding fixture, both push and pull attachments
  • lbf, kgf, and N units are selectable
  • USB, RS-232C and Analog outputs
  • Complete with data acquisition software

The motorized chip tester is a complete test system able to perform both PCB component shear and lead pull tests. Perform destructive tests or non-destructive (hold a specific force) on chip components. Custom tests speeds are available.

The versatile fixture is easy to change between 90° and 45° orientations. X-Y adjustment allows for fine adjustment to access nearly any component on a sample board.

The test system includes Force Recorder Standard Software. This USB software captures 2,000 data per second (not just the peak) and generates force vs. time profile graphs with statistics.  Zoom into any part of the graph to see individual data points at intervals of 0.5 mS. Further analysis can be done on the entire range or by selecting part of the graph to detect the first peak or generate statistics within that time interval. Compare and align multiple graphs. Save graphs or export data to CSV format.

  • Capture 2,000 data/sec for extremely smooth profile graphs
  • Automatic start and stop triggers
  • Zoom into individual data points at 0.5 mS
  • Overlay multiple graphs
  • Control gauge operation