Motorized Compression Tester

Measure compression force with constant test speed

  1. Motorized Test Stand
  2. Fixture to apply even force to the test sample with constant test speed

  3. Digital Force Gauge
  4. Displays force applied, for motorized stands we recommend digital gauges

  5. Optional Distance Meter
  6. Measures displacement of the gauge

  7. Compression Attachments
  8. Many types of compression attachments available to mount to the gauge

Applications: Electronic Switch Activation, Medical Syringe Activation, Compression Spring Testing, and more.
Motorized compression testers offer consistent test speed when compared to testing by hand. Vertical or horizontal setups are available. The combination of screw drive system and brushless motor provides extremely smooth and powerful operation over the entire speed range.

Motorized compression testers with ZTA force gauges can be configured to stop or hold at a certain force. All testers utilizing a digital force gauge can be connected to a PC for data output.