Motorized Digital Durometer

Digital Durometer & Motorized Constant Load Stand
D4-A (Shore A Scale)
D4-D (Shore D Scale)
D4-C (Asker C Scale)

Standard Features

  • Digital speed control (0.1 to 19.9 mm/second)
  • Proprietary flexible coupling aligns presser foot to angled surfaces
  • Real Time, Peak and Timer Peak (dwell) modes to measure creep
  • RS-232 Output

The D4 Motorized Digital Durometer combines heavy-duty metal construction for stability, standard weights for constant load and digital speed control (0.1~19.9 mm/sec) to maximize consistent results. The unique flexible coupling enables the presser foot of the durometer to make perfect contact to test samples.
Measure vulcanized and thermoplastic rubber hardness in Shore A, D and Asker C scales in peak, real time or peak with timer modes with a minimum reading of 0.1 point. The timer (dwell) function offers push button selection of DIN/ISO, JIS and ASTM standard intervals and a user-defined interval (0-99 seconds). Collect peak data from the RS-232 port. Powered by an AC adapter.

Optional SW-1 Data Acquisition Software

Use SW-1 software to capture and analyze peak and timed data from the RS-232 port. A running log of all the data is displayed along with a chart. Calculates max/min, average, and standard deviation.

D4 Hardness Tester Selection

ModelDurometer ScaleMeasurement Pressure
D4-AShore A1000g
D4-CAsker C1000g
D4-DShore D5000g