Motorized Puncture Tester

MX2 Motorized Test Stand
ZT / DST Digital Force Gauge
TKS-250N Capacity 55 lbf

The motorized puncture tester is a complete test system. Perform puncture tests with ease with the specialized TKS series punctures test fixture. TKS-250N uses a unique holding system to secure the sample in place and is ideal for testing the puncture strength of a variety of thin films such as liquid crystal film, auto battery cover films, thin aluminum, PET bottles, etc.

TKS-20N for low puncture force is ideal for testing the puncture resistance of thin films like retort pouches. The adjustable pin holder accommodates diameters 0~3.2mm and includes three 1mm pins.

Model TKS-250NTKS-20N
Capacity55 lbf 4.4 lbf
Fixture Hole Diameter 20 mm*10 mm*
Fixture Weight1050g approx.500g approx.
Pin Dimensions1mm dia. x 20mm1mm dia. x 30mm
Pin PointSR0.5
Pin MaterialStainless Steel
Pin Weight16g approx. 0.2g approx.
Pin Vise Diameter0-3.2mm
*Larger diameters are available, please inquire.

Puncture Fixtures for Films Dimensions