Motorized Tension Tester

Measure tension force applied with constant test speed

  1. Motorized Test Stand
  2. Fixture to apply even force to the test sample at a constant speed

  3. Digital Force Gauge
  4. Displays force applied

  5. Top Grip
  6. Many types of tension attachments available to mount to the gauge

  7. Holding Fixtures
  8. Holding fixtures or tension attachments to hold the bottom of the sample

Motorized pull testers are designed to check the pull-off force values of electrical leads, crimped terminals and connectors and ensure consistent results by controlling force and speed. The system is configured with a motorized test stand and Imada DST or ZT force gauge in the range of your choice and attachments; cam grip, vise chuck, WG-1, WG-2, WG-3 or KC-100 grip to suit your application. Data acquisition software is available as well as attachments for other applications. WG-1 is perfect for pull testing crimp on terminals. Set the opening size by turning the wingnut until jaws contact sample, then back off a little until the sample slides into the jaws from the side. Then you can simply slide the next sample into the jaws when you are ready to test. WG-2 grips the actual wire or sample tested with serrated jaws. Ideal for a variety of shapes. WG-3 multi terminal grip has 12 wire gauge apertures on the turret. Locate the appropriate size, lock in position and you’re ready to test. The KC-100 spring- loaded wedge grip is ideal for tensile measurements of thick materials (up to 10mm thick). The serrated jaw is 15mm wide.