MTS Motorized Torque Tester

Series MTS-RA Motorized Torque Tester

MTS Motorized Torque Testers are used in a wide range of torque measurement applications. The MTS is a motorized torque test system which can measure both torque and angle values. The MTS Torque test stands have several capacities up to 85 lbf-in. Digital speed control allows for consistent test speeds from 3~90° per second in 0.1 degree increments.

Manual & Automatic Operating Modes

The tester may be used in either manual  or automatic operation modes. Manual mode allows the tester to turn at a set speed with the press of a button. Manual mode also features a jog move function, which rotates the tester in small increments.  One way mode is used for quick and easy measurement of removal or tightening torque. Keep mode holds a specified torque value.

Improved Interface

Program menus are in plain language and the unique program dial makes entering selections simple. Selectable measuring units of lbf-in, kgf-cm, or N-cm. Store up to 1,000 values in memory, which can be transmitted using USB output.

Force Recorder Professional

With Force Recorder Professional, capture up to 2,000 torque vs. angle data per second. Other functions include, tester programming, graph overlaying, and automatic statistics generation.

Custom Fixtures for Custom Applications

Do you have a special part which will require custom fixtures? Special long column models for taller samples are also available. Contact our engineers to discuss your custom torque measurement application.

MTS Torque Tester Ranges (Resolution)

Accuracy: ±0.5% F.S. ±1 LSD
ModelCapacity (Resolution)
MTS-1515.00 (0.01 lbf-in)20.00 (0.01 kgf-cm)200.0 (0.1 N-cm)
MTS-4040.00 (0.01 lbf-in)50.00 (0.01 kgf-cm)500.0 (0.1 N-cm)
MTS-8585.0 (0.1 lbf-in)100.0 (0.1 kgf-cm)1000 (1 N-cm)

MTS-RA Standard Features

  • Automatic torque testing for both clockwise and counterclockwise
  • Test to a pre-programmed torque value
  • Use color-coded LED indicators for Go/No Go tests
  • Stop at programmed torque and display torque angle
  • lbf-in, kgf-cm, and N-cm units are selectable
  • Real time and peak mode (selectable)
  • 1,000 Data memory for computer download
  • USB (virtual COM port), RS-232C, Digimatic and Analog outputs
  • Digital speed control 3°~90° per second in 0.1 degree increments
  • Overload capacity 200% of F.S. with alarm at 110% F.S.
  • Kit includes AC adapter/charger and ZT Logger data acquisition software

Manual Mode
One Way Trip Mode – The tester will rotate clockwise or counterclockwise until one of two conditions is reached (torque value or time). Once one condition is satisfied, the tester will stop.

Keep Mode – The tester will rotate clockwise or counterclockwise until one of two conditions is reached (torque value or time). If the torque setpoint is reached, the tester will maintain the torque for a predetermined time.

MTS Motorized Cap Torque Tester Dimensions