MX-1100 Motorized Test Stand

With Optional Distance Meter
Up to 1,100 lbf capacity

Standard Features

  • One stand for both compression (push) and tension (pull) tests
  • High performance brushless motor provides extremely smooth and powerful operation over the entire speed range.
  • Manual, Single Cycle, Continuous Cycle (72 hour max.), Force Control modes
  • Force Controlled operation with Imada ZT Series force gauges and Force Control cable
  • Optional timer and digital distance meter
  • Conditional Overload Prevention with Force Control cable

MX-1100 Motorized Force Measurement Test Stands offer basic force testing capabilities such as adjustable test speed control, force control, quick return and emergency stop functionality. MX-1100 provides extremely smooth operation. Many speed configurations are available to fit any force testing application, see the speed configuration tab for more details.

Four Modes of Operation

MX-1100 test stands include four modes of operation: Manual, Single Cycle, Continuous Cycle (72 hours max), and Force Control modes. Manual mode allows the stand to be controlled by the four arrow buttons on the base of the stand.

Force Control Capability

Connect the MX-1100 test stand with an Imada ZT Series force gauge and enable force controlled testing and Conditional Overload Prevention. Several force control modes are available. The gauge can move up or down until a specified force value is reached. This mode is ideal for creep or non-destructive testing. Another mode will maintain the force between a high and low setpoint, by automatically adjusting the position of the force gauge.

The MX-1100 includes a distance meter and accepts any of the standard range Imada force gauges. Optional timer is also available.

AP-002 Adapter Plate is available to mount most other force gauges to IMADA test stands.

MX-1100 Specifications and Ranges

MX-11001,100 lbf410 mm (16.1")

MX-1100 Test Stand Speed Configurations

Please note: other special ranges are available.
MX Test Stand Speed Configurationsin / min (mm / min)
MX-11000.4 ~ 11.5 (10 ~ 300) Standard

Standard Distance Meter Specifications

DisplayPush button for inch/mm, zero set and on/off
Resolution0.0005"/0.01 mm
Accuracy0.1% of reading or 0.005"/0.1 mm whichever is greater

MX-1100 Motorized Test Stands Dimensions