NLV-220 Vertical Lever Test Stand

NLV-220-C Compression Stand
NLV-220-T Tension Stand
NLV-220-C-S Compression Stand with distance meter
NLV-220-T-S Tension Stand with distance meter

Force gauge sold separately

The NLV-220 lever operated force measurement test stand provides an affordable, reliable, and easy to use means of performing consistent force testing. The NLV-220 is Imada’s most economical test stand. Compared to testing by hand, using a test stand will greatly increase the repeatability of any test.

Quick Action Force Measurement Testing

A pull down on the lever creates either compression or tension, depending on the model. Once the lever is released, a return spring resets the lever on compression models. With a rugged metal construction, this test stand has a 220 lbf capacity. For applications requiring distance measurement, the NLV-220-S is equipped with a digital distance meter to measure displacement. Distance measurements are useful for tensile and spring testing. The digital distance meter has PC output capabilities, for more information click here.

Convenient, Reliable, Easy to Use

Any standard capacity Imada force gauge can be attached to the NLV-220 test stand. The mounting plate at the base of the stand can be used on its own. Additionally, 2 M8 threads allow a variety of fixtures to be attached. The test stand also features a mechanical stop to limit the stroke. An optional AP-005H extender plate will increase clearance by 5 inches to 14 inches. AP-002 Adapter Plate is available to mount most other brand force gauges to Imada test stands. Specify tension or compression model when ordering.

NLV-220 Standard Features

  • Standard Compression and Tension models both operate with a single downward lever stroke
  • Maximum load 220 lbf (100 kg)
  • Stroke 2″
  • Maximum clearance 9″ (or 14″ with optional extender plate)

Standard Distance Meter Specifications

DisplayPush button for inch/mm, zero set and on/off
Resolution0.0005"/0.01 mm
Accuracy0.1% of reading or 0.005"/0.1 mm whichever is greater

NLV-220 Vertical Lever Test Stand Dimensions