RSH Manual Torque Stand

-RSH-5NRA: with angle encoder
(requires HTGA torque gauge)
-RSH-5N: without angle encoder
(for HTGS torque gauge)

Standard Features

  • Capacity: 5N-m (40 lbf-in)
  • Sample size up to 200mm (depending on holding fixtures)
  • Both sensor holder and handwheel station are adjustable
  • The sensor station can be fixed in position or allowed to move back and forth on the slide bearing for testing samples that move with rotation, such as threaded fasteners.
  • Optional fixtures and data acquisition software are available

The RSH manual torque stand facilitates accurate torque testing, eliminating the variables of testing by hand. The stand is all metal construction and offered as a standard model to measure torque or with an angle encoder (RSH-5NRA) for torque vs. angle measurements. The sensor holder can be fixed in position or moves with the rotation of samples such as threaded fasteners. Samples up to 200mm can be tested (depending upon the holding fixtures).
Simply turn the handwheel to apply torque to the sample.
Data can be output to optional Force Logger data acquisition software.
RSH-5NRA (with HTGA gauge) outputs torque vs. angle
RSH-5N outputs torque vs. time

RSH-5N / RSH-5NRA Manual Torque Stand Specifications
FeaturesStandard TypeWith angle encoder
Capacity5N-m (40 lbf-in)
Maximum Sample Length200mm (with HT-ST)
WeightApprox. 5.1kg
Accuracy+/-0.2 degrees
Angle measurement range0 to 9999.9 degrees
Select a lightweight attachment to mount to sensor side when using HTGS/A-4.

RSH-5N Manual Torque Stand Dimensions