SH-220 Horizontal Wheel Test Stand

SH-220 (capacity 220 lbf)
SH-220-S (capacity 220 lbf) with Distance Meter

Standard Features

  • Horizontal design is ideal for push / pull testing and other applications
  • Hand wheel provides relatively consistent speed for repeatable tests
  • Gauge remains in place when hand wheel is released
  • One stand for both compression (push) and tension (pull) tests
  • Stroke: 11.8″ (300mm)
  • Travel distance per wheel rotation 1.2mm
  • Optional digital distance meter

The SH Manual Horizontal Hand Wheel Force Measurement Test Stand is an ideal choice or push / pull tests where a horizontal setup is required. Horizontal setups are ideal for testing on large objects. The all metal construction of the test stand ensures a stable measurement platform. The SH series is available in two capacities, 220 lbf and 750 lbf.

The test stand features the advantages of the hand wheel design; relatively consistent speed, precise gauge positioning, and bi-directional movement. The low-profile SH-220 accepts any of the standard range Imada force gauges and special attachments. The SH test stand can have an optional digital distance meter with PC output capabilities, for more information click here.

SH Series Specifications

SH Series Specifications
SH-110 or SH-110-S110 lbf--
SH-220 or SH-220-S220 lbf11.8" (300mm)1.2mm
SH-750 or SH-750-S750 lbf14.5" (370mm)0.6mm

Standard Distance Meter Specifications

DisplayPush button for inch/mm, zero set and on/off
Resolution0.0005"/0.01 mm
Accuracy0.1% of reading or 0.005"/0.1 mm whichever is greater

SH-220 Wheel Operated Test Stand Dimensions