SY Manual Durometer Test Stand

Lever-Operated with Contact Adapter and Pneumatic Damper

SY-L (Shore A, B, E, O, OO, Asker C)
SY-H (Shore C, D, DO)

Standard Features

  • Simple lever operation
  • Auto Contact enables the durometer to make full, even contact.
  • Pneumatic damper maintains consistent test speed
  • Handwheel enables easy height adjustment
  • Heavy-duty metal construction
  • Accommodates multiple durometer scales

SY Manual Durometer Stand eliminates the speed and load variables which occur when hand-testing samples with a durometer. The load and test speed the durometer applies to the sample are kept constant with a standard weight and pneumatic damper. Multiple scales can be tested using the appropriate durometer, coupling, weight and damper setting.
Use the handwheel to adjust clearance from the sample. Lightly pull the lever forward to start the durometer moving down. Auto contact enables the durometer to align to the sample to make full, even contact.

Durometers are not included.

ModelDurometer ScaleContact AdapterWeight
SY-LShore ASA-L-
Shore B
Asker C
Shore O
Shore OO
Shore D
Shore DO

SY Durometer Stand Dimensions

Clearance45mm with TKD durometer
95mm without coupling