UK Compact Mechanical Force Gauge

Compact Mechanical Force Gage – Series UK Force Gage
UKK Compression Force Gage
UKT Tension Force Gage
Up to 50 lbf capacity

Standard Features

  • Dimensions: 4-1/2″ L x 2-1/2″ W x 2″ D
  • Tare Ring
  • Ideal for OEM or permanent installation
  • Can be used in tight spaces where other gauges will not fit
  • Specially designed dial will retain peak values

The UK series compact mechanical force gauge is a dedicated compression only or tension only instrument for use in confined spaces. This compact force gauge can also be permanently installed into a piece of equipment or machinery. The UK compact force gauge is 2/3 the size of the FB/PS series mechanical force gauges. The gauge is also suitable for handheld use. The UK force gauge is an analog force gauge and does not require charging, it is available for use at any time.

The specially designed dial will retain peak values while simultaneously displaying real time measurements. The UK also has a zero tare ring, to zero the gauge to compensate for measuring attachments. The threaded shaft will accept any of the standard FB/PS replacement measuring attachments.

Dedicated compression and tension ranges are available for your specific needs. Newton and kgf gauges are available.

The UK series compact mechanical force gauge is sold as a kit, which includes the force gauge, hard carrying case, and attachments.

UKK (Compression only) includes 4 attachments: flat tip, conical tip, chisel tip and notched tip.
UKT (Tension only) includes 4 attachments: small hook, extension shaft, large hook and y-hook.

All gauges include a free certificate of calibration traceable to NIST.
Note: Mechanical force gauges are not recommended for destructive testing or shock load applications.

UK Ranges

Shaft size: M6, 10-32 adapter available
Accuracy: ±0.3% F.S.
More Ranges ►
ModelCapacity (Resolution)ModelCapacity (Resolution)
UKK-80oz or UKT-80oz80 ozf (1 ozf)UKK-2kg or UKT-2kg2 kgf (20 gf)
UKK-5 or UKT-55 lbf (0.05 lbf)UKK-3kg or UKT-3kg3 kgf (25 gf)
UKK-10 or UKT-1010 lbf (0.1 lbf)UKK-5kg or UKT-5kg5 kgf (50 gf)
UKK-20 or UKT-2020 lbf (0.2 lbf)UKK-10kg or UKT-10kg10 kgf (100 gf)
UKK-30 or UKT-3030 lbf (0.25 lbf)UKK-20kg or UKT-20 kg20 kgf (200 gf)
UKK-50 or UKT-5050 lbf (0.5 lbf)UKK-30kg or UKT-30 kg30 kgf (250 gf)

UKK/UKT Mechanical Force Gauge Dimensions