Lever Operated Vertical Crimp Tester

Quickly Measure Wire Crimp Strength

  1. Lever Operated Test Stand
  2. Fixture to apply even force to the test sample

  3. Force Gauge
  4. Displays force applied

  5. Top Grip
  6. Multi-Terminal Grip is recommended for most applications

  7. Bottom Grip
  8. Vise Chuck (pictured) or Wire Cam Grip

This vertical lever operated wire terminal crimp tester is a digital pull tester for checking the pull-off force values of electrical leads, crimped terminals, connectors, and soldered parts. The system consists of a vertical lever test stand, force gauge and attachments of your choice. The vertical lever test stand enables quick repeatable testing. The force gauge displays the force applied to the crimp and can be configured to hold the peak force value for a test. A wide range of attachments specifically for testing wire terminal strength are available. Any system utilizing a digital force gauge can also be connected to a PC for data output. Any questions, contact us for guidance in picking the best grips for your system.