Wheel Operated Spring Tester

Compression/Tension Spring Tester

Standard Features

  • HV-110-S test stand with distance meter
  • DST Digital Force gauge (specify range) 
  • AA-40 or AA-60 Flat head (top, for compression tests)
  • or S-1 Small hook (bottom, for tension tests)
  • One tester for both tension and compression spring tests
  • Generous work area can accommodate a wide variety of samples
  • Suitable for tests where a high degree of control is required
  • Maximum load 110 lbf (50 kgf)
  • Max clearance 9″ (with extender 14″)

The Wheel Operated Spring Tester is ideal for measuring compression or tension of springs. The spring tester offers precise control through hand wheel operation. The tester measures both compression and tension and is equipped with a precision digital distance meter. Imada force gauges are available in capacities of a few ounces up to 110 lbf. Consult our engineers for custom applications.