Wheel Operated Tension Tester

Measure tension force applied, precise control

  1. Wheel Operated Test Stand
  2. Fixture to apply even force to the test sample

  3. Force Gauge
  4. Displays force applied

  5. Tension Attachments
  6. Many types of tension attachments available to mount to the gauge

  7. Optional Distance Meter (Not Shown)
  8. Measures displacement of the gauge

Applications: Tension Spring Testing, Tensile Material Testing and more.

Imada wheel operated compression testers offer the precise control of a hand wheel test stand. The rack and pinion design of the stand holds the force gauge stationary when the wheel is released. The wheel operated compression tester measures both compression and tension without any conversion and can be equipped with a digital distance meter. Any tester using a digital force gauge can also be connected to a PC for data collection. Force gauges are available in capacities of a few ounces up to 1,100 lbf. Consult our engineers for custom applications.