SVL-220 Vertical Lever Test Stand

SVL-220 without distance meter
SVL-220-S with distance meter
Force gauge sold separately

Standard Features

  • Maximum load 220 lbf (100 kgf)
  • Stroke: 2.3″ 60mm per 170°
  • Easy to change from tension to compression mode
  • Optional digital distance meter

The SVL-220 vertical manual lever test stand provides quick, consistent testing. SVL-220 is perfect for compression and tension applications where rapid action is desired. The SVL-220 with its rugged metal construction, has a maximum capacity of 220 lbf.

Compression and Tension Mode

The test stand is designed to easily change from compression to tension mode. Both compression and tension tests can be performed with a simple downward stroke of the lever. Return springs reset the lever in compression mode and gravity does the work in tension mode. The stroke can be adjusted with a mechanical limit. The stand can accommodate any of the standard range Imada mechanical or digital force gauges and can be equipped with a precision digital distance meter (SVL-220-S). The SVL-220-S with digital distance meter has PC output capability. For more information click here. The stand will accommodate any of the standard range Imada force gauges.

The single column design of the stand allows the base plate to be rotated. In this situation, mounting to the edge of test bench allows virtually unlimited clearance for testing large samples.

AP-002 Adapter Plate is available to mount most other force gauges to Imada test stands.

Standard Distance Meter Specifications

DisplayPush button for inch/mm, zero set and on/off
Resolution0.0005"/0.01 mm
Accuracy0.1% of reading or 0.005"/0.1 mm whichever is greater

SVL-220 Vertical Wheel Test Stand Dimensions