DIS-IP5 Digital Torque Tester for Manual Wrenches

Model: DIS-IP5 with Remote Sensor

Standard Features

  • Programmable High/Low setpoints with GO/NO GO LED indicators and audible beep
  • Peak, Real Time and Peak Down measuring modes (selectable)
  • Selectable units lbf-in, kgf-cm, N-cm, or lbf-ft, kgf-m, N-m
  • USB virtual COM port sends peak (1 data) or continuous data (12 or 180 data/second)
  • Statistics: number of data, Max, Min, Avg
  • 800 data memory for recall or for SPC download
  • Accuracy: ±0.5% F.S. ±1 LSD ( 32° to 100°F)
  • Both clockwise and counterclockwise operation
  • Heavy duty metal construction
  • Runs on internal NiMH batteries (8 hour use)
  • AC adapter/charger included

The Cedar DIS-IP5 Digital Torque Tester Digital Torque Tester is ideal for quickly checking click type, dial and digital torque wrenches.  It has an accuracy of ± .5% F.S., ± 1 LSD. Select Peak, Real Time, Continuous or Peak Down measurement modes. Programmable high/low setpoints enable GO/NO GO testing; green lights between high and low setpoints, and red for under low and over high setpoint.

Calibrate your own torque wrenches and electric drivers and and save down time. The flanged sensor can be mounted directly to a test bench or an optional test bracket. Do not use with power drivers or impact tools (Ask for DI-1M impact wrench torque tester).

SPC Capable

The tester features a USB virtual COM port to use with Imada’s specialized SW-1SV-USB Torque Data Acquisition Spreadsheet. Users can utilize the 800 peak data internal memory to analyze test data at a later time. Users can also transmit data in real time. Continuous mode outputs at 12 or 180 data per second.

What’s Included

Cedar DIS-IP5 models are sold as kits. All kits include display, sensor, sensor cable and AC adapter/charger. The unit runs on internal rechargeable batteries. All new testers include a 3-point calibration certificate traceable to NIST. ISO-17025 certificates are available at an additional charge.

DIS-IP Ranges

Accuracy ± 0.5% F.S., ±1 LSD
More Ranges ►
DIS-IP (Drive Size)lbf-inkgf-cmN-cmN-m
DIS-IP5 (1/4")0.20~44.000.20~50.002.0~500.00.020~5.000
DIS-IP50 (3/8")2.0~440.02.0~500.020~50000.20~50.00
DIS-IP200 (1/2")20~17402.0~145.00.20~20.002.0~200.0
DIS-IP500 (3/4")20~44002.0~362.00.20~50.002.0~500.0
DIS-IPS (Drive Size)lbf-inkgf-cmN-cmN-m
DIS-IP05C (3/4")0.020~4.5000.020~5.0000.20~50.00
DIS-IPS5C (3/4")0.20~45.000.20~50.000.020~5.000
DIS-IPS20C (3/4")2.0~174.02.0~200.00.20~20.00

DIS-IP Digital Torque Tester Dimensions