1100 lbf, Motorized, Vertical Test Stand with Speed Control, Timer & Cycle Counter

MX2-1100 Motorized Test Stand with ZTA Force Gauge
MX2-1100 Motorized Test Stand with ZTA Force Gauge

Model: MX2-1100   Capacity: 1100 lbf

MX2 Vertical Motorized Test Stands use maintenance-free, brushless, DC motors to provide smooth and powerful operation and ensure consistent force testing results.

  • Selectable Modes: Manual, Increment, Single Cycle, Continuous Cycle and Force Control (with ZTA force gauges)
  • Easy-to-use program dial and menus to control mode, speed, timer duration and cycles
  • Programmable timer up to 99′ 59.9 sec in 0.1 sec increments
  • Ultra rigid, 0.5 mm deflection at max. load
  • Optional digital distance meter

Precise Increment Mode

MX2 Motorized Test Stand Program Dial
MX2 Motorized Test Stand Program Dial

MX2-1100 features unique jog movement control, for precise increment testing. In jog mode, each click of the program dial moves the cross head approx. 0.05mm (standard speed, under no load).

Cycle Mode

Automated are easy to setup. Press the unique program dial and turn to make selections from the menus and set mode, speed, test duration, units and cycles. Set start and return speeds independently.

Force Control

Connect an Imada ZTA force gauge to the MX2-1100 test stand to enable the following force controlled tests and Conditional Overload Prevention.
Maintain force between high/low setpoints
Increase force to high setpoint and stop