Assembly Show October 24 – 26, 2017

Imada, Inc. (Booth number #1547) will be showing automatic wire crimp testers and general force testers for quality control applications with data acquisition software to collect force vs. time or force vs. displacement data. We’re also showing torque checkers, digital torque screwdrivers and an complete line of digital torque wrenches including wireless digital torque wrenches […]

The Importance of Torque Auditing

Controlling the tightening torque on fasteners (bolts and screws) being tightened by impact and non-impact power tools is challenging. Power tools provide dynamic torque that can vary depending on many variables, such as joint material types, joint layer thicknesses, temperature, the presence of lubricants, etc. As a result, “applied torque” does not equate to “actual […]

Understanding Scan Speed vs. Processing Speed on Force Gauges

Understanding Scan Speed vs. Processing Speed on Force Gauges When making an investment in force gauges, it’s critical to examine the measurement variables and properties of each unit. Different manufacturers will tout specific features and capabilities over others, catering to the demands of different applications and industries. One of the most important features to examine […]

Automatic Wire Crimp Tester

Imada, Inc. Introduces ACT-220 Automatic Wire Crimp Tester Single-button crimp tester now available for purchase through Imada, Inc. CHICAGO, Illinois—Imada, Inc., a manufacturer and nationwide distributor of force and torque measurement equipment, is pleased to announce a new addition to its line of wire crimp testers. Effective immediately, the company will now offer the ACT-220 […]

Wireless Torque Wrenches

RGED Series Wireless Torque Wrenches Now Available Through Imada, Inc. Ratchet and adjustable models capture torque measurements up to 130 feet away. CHICAGO, Illinois—As it expands its line of digital torque wrenches, Imada, Inc. is pleased to welcome the addition of RGED Series wireless torque wrenches to its repertoire of torque testers. RGED Series wireless […]