Automatic Wire Crimp Tester

Imada, Inc. Introduces ACT-220 Automatic Wire Crimp Tester

Single-button crimp tester now available for purchase through Imada, Inc.

ACT-220 Automatic Wire Crimp Tester
Setting A Wire Terminal in ACT-220 Automatic Wire Crimp Tester

CHICAGO, Illinois—Imada, Inc., a manufacturer and nationwide distributor of force and torque measurement equipment, is pleased to announce a new addition to its line of wire crimp testers. Effective immediately, the company will now offer the ACT-220 Automatic Wire Crimp Tester alongside its range of manual and motorized wire crimp test systems.

The ACT-220 Automatic Wire Crimp Tester features a terminal grip with 12 slots, accommodating wire diameters from 1-8mm. The unit features easy-to-use menus for selecting unit of measurement, test speed, destructive or nondestructive testing, and hold duration, to simplify crimp test programming. An electro-luminescent (EL) display is easily seen in dark or bright locations. Additional features of the ACT-220 include:

  • Force hold duration up to 999 seconds, in 1 second increments;
  • Indicators for OK or NG;
  • Selectable digital speeds of 10/25/50/100 mm/min;
  • Automatic time and date stamping.

This fully-digital unit is capable of saving up to 26 individual wire crimp test profiles for frequently repeated tests. After programming, users need only to press a button to automatically test a crimped-on wire terminal. LEDs indicate OK or NG and peak force is retained on the display.

The robust set of features and relative ease of use of this automatic wire crimp tester make it a must-have for testing to different standards.  Moreover, the fully-digital nature of this product enables saving and exporting force data for convenient record keeping.

The ACT-220 Automatic Wire Crimp Tester employs ACT Logger data acquisition software that downloads test results from the unit’s memory bank. Up to 1,500 results can be saved and recalled from internal memory. All tester programming can be set from the software, including selectable units of measurement such as lbf, kgf, and N.

The ACT-220 Automatic Wire Crimp Tester is now available for purchase through the Imada, Inc. website. The full kit includes a terminal grip, wire cam grip, ACT Logger data acquisition software, USB cable, and a calibration certification through NIST.